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Aug 13, 2005


Caelius Spinator

Very funny. I often discourse on the nutritional value of beer and its importance to the early urban diet (it's a fun icebreaker at parties...), but I never saw it in quite this way.


Excellent - my husband will enjoy discussing THIS theology. He will be familiar with the Gilgamesh story because of that one Star Trek: Next Generation episode.


Well this explains why many consider Britan to be the most civilized nation on earth ... and I, for one, agree ... as far as the beer is concerned.


p.s. Bar keep ... pull me another pint of London Pride please.

David Huff

"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
-- Benjamin Franklin

Phil Snyder

"Blessed are Thou, O God, King of the Universe. For thou givest us the fruit of the vine to make our hearts glad."

Of course me settled down so that they could cultivate the grain that provided them beer. But women still had a hand in civilizing them - see the role of the prostitute above!

As it was in ancient Summeria, so it is today. Men start bathing and dressing and working to impress the women they are interested in.

Phil Snyder

J. C. Fisher

Beer, not women, is why men decided to reject the nomadic life.

But don't most (straight) men view The Good Life as one in the right hand, and the other in the left? ;-) (Of course, a few lesbians might say the same! I resemble this statement *g*)

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