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Grew up in Rochester, NY and was baptized, confirmed and ordained at Christ Church, next to the Eastman school of Music. My parents were both teachers: my mother a writing professor, and my father for public schools, eventually becoming technology and education consultant. Majored in philosophy at Oberlin college, where I was once president of the Cooperative association and began my absurd journey in God's life. Went to the the Divinity School for my M.Div, attending finishing school at the General Seminary in NY. I was a Luce Scholar, living in Korea for two years, and am now am Rector of a formerly WASPy, struggling congregation in the wealthy neighborhood of an old suburb of NYC. I'm currently getting my D.Min at Seabury Western while doing church building 101.


Salsa, politics, religion, Richard Yates, Gore Vidal, Salma Hayek, Jon Sayles, Gong Li, Daniel Dennett, Palestine, and the theological consequences of technology, Schubert Ogden, Wendell Berry, Paul Krugman, fiddling, and cooking.