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Apr 24, 2004


Karen H.

Hello SV,
I found your blog through Blogs 4 God. I'm newly investigating the Episcopal church and one of the things I've had to wrestle with is its stance on homosexuality. I have spent the last three years in a non-denominational evangelical church that holds to the teaching that homosexuality is a sin based on clear Biblical standards.

After lots of blogging, thinking, praying and studying I no longer believe that same-sex couples involved in loving, committed relationships are engaging in sin. I don't think that the references to behavior that we have categorized as "homosexual" that are found in the Bible are analogous to sexual expression between committed same-sex couples. I don't think that the word "homosexuality" does a very good job of describing the depth of relationship that exists for these folks.

I applaud the Episcopal church for trying to find a new way. Blog on Vicar.
Karen H.

Caelius Spinator

Amen to Karen H.

In other notes, the Seventeenth Article of Religion suggests that many Anglicans always have secretly believed in predestination. The compromise seems to be that they aren't allowed to talk about it.

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