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Apr 24, 2004


Steve Bogner

I was just thinking the same about Kerry the other day. He believes in things that go against Catholic doctrine, and if he doesn't want to change his beliefs then maybe the Catholic church isn't right for him. But that sort of logic has little chance of prevailing in an election year.


Well, since this country was a predominantly protestant culture, church and state were recognized as separate. Now the culture has become divided into Catholic, Mainline, Evangelical and secular.


Isn't it amasing that everyone talks about the ONE time use by IDF, intended for defense only, When they do NOT shoot behind the shield...

But NO ONE talks about the long time use by Palestinian groups or official Al Aqsa Brigade (under Fatah-Palestinian Authority), when these users, do SHOOT behind these kids...

Disposable Children
Palestinian Violence
Stop Palestinian Child Abuse
Human Shields
Photos like these in Reuters Document the Long time Palestinain use of their kids as shields
Palestinians Again Use Children for Terror Against Israel
Human Bombs Huamn Shields
Israeli lives take precedence over those of "terror shields"
Again Palestinians use children as Human Bombs

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