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May 27, 2004



Maybe you should offer cash incentives or sexual favours.


Or you could try my pastor's technique of claiming people have already volunteered for things that they haven't. He got me to be a lector that way. (Of course, there's that pesky little false-witness issue...)


I am afraid the answer is Attila the Hunnette, the member of the congregation who shames or browbeats others into signing up and showing up. As I recall, you are not yet a father, Father. Check out the chops on the local parent-teachers' association. Ask those ladies to give you volunteer-fu lessons. Recruit one into the congregation.

Jim Sturges Sr

I think they call non-fiction plays something else, like documentary drama. Although in this case (and in my experience) the cast of characters is verrrry small and prone to burnout (I witness).

Of course, if the kind of "church" your crowd want is all inward-looking, maybe a sermon about how that theology operates would be instructive. Like Nathan's little story to David about the ewe lamb ....

Dangerous, but hey, look what happened to John the Baptist. Couldn't be any worse than that, right?

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