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May 04, 2004


Karen H.

Hi SV,
We're still discussing this topic over at Raw Faith. Love to have your perspective if you're willing.


I have mixed feelings about this- on the one hand, I feel that the Methodist church will change more quickly from the inside out. On the other, why stay in a denomination that doesn't uphold and affirm your values anyway?

Seems like the same struggle the Republican party is having as well...

But I think the changing from the inside out must be the issue simply because there are several denominations that ordain openly lesbian and gay candidates, so Karen and et al could have jumped ship a lot faster if that was their only concern.

Walter Sherman

As an Episcopal priest, I'm not sure how to react to the comment to find an Episcopal diocese that is understaffed and needing someone creative. All of our dioceses and bishops aren't accepting. All of our parishes aren't accepting-- even those who might really really need a priest. And we-- like you in the Methodist Church-- have an ethos that has more to go than simply being able to find an accepting Diocese. We're fighting our own battles, still, in the Episcopal Church and in the Anglican Communion. Our African brothers (and they're all male, yes) are more conservative than some of your own. Perhaps it's best to stay and fight on one's own turf, where one knows the rules and the allies?

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