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Jun 07, 2004



President Reagan's ideology gave us a world without the Soviet Union and the threat of spreading communism. Your world gives us socialism and a church that has become a new age political activitist organization rather than a religion.

If you had your way Hussein will still be murdering people and we would have Bin Laden at a national church convention as a guest speaker.


I believe that Communism would have destroyed itself. It was intrinsically corrupt. I don't know what you mean about "your" world because I don't own it. I'm not sure what you mean by socialism - which kind? British? Swedish? Burmese? Canadian? And, it's not liberals but the religious conservatives who are involved in political activism.

If I had my way, Reagan would have never supported Hussein in the first place, or funded Islamic Fundamentalists in Afghanistan.

Bill Carroll

RE: L. Davis

(1) There is absolutely no proof that Ronald Reagan defeated Communism. No matter what you heard on Fox.

(2) No, we are a Christian, socialist, activist organization, or at least should be. That's what the Christian religion is, or at least should be. (See Some form of socialism is the best way to be faithful to the Gospels and the prophets. The Christian tradition, furthermore, is extremely wary of all forms of interest income.

(3) The Age of Aquarius has nothing to do with it. ("Hair" is a damned fine musical though.) The only relevant New Age is the one inaugurated by Christ's resurrection from the dead.

(4) Bin Laden, like many American politicians that I could name, is a mass murderer and therefore an unsuitable guest speaker at any Church convention.

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