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Jun 10, 2004


Karen H.

I was struck by the notion that, if you were a woman and your stalker was a man, first of all, the police would have probably treated you differently, and secondly, there'd be no question that using the police to protect you from potential sexual assault was the right course of action.

It's interesting that you have a somewhat parallel situation going on with your new employee and your secretary. In this case it may be only perception and a former criminal record that gives her angst. In your case, it appears clear that sexual predation occurred. Whether you would have been able to "fight her off" isn't the question.

Wear your collar proudly SV. Proclaim the Gospel by your very presence in the world. Prayers for you and for this woman who is so troubled in her spirit.


Harrowing. Wow.

Peace to you and Estelle. And I hope your girlfriend hangs in there as well.

Lynn Gazis-Sax

Good luck to you. I hope she finally gets the message.


The sexton and the stalker. First, the sexton: is there some way you can facilitate more familiarity between the secretary and the sexton? Like bringing doughnuts or something and having "staff meetings"? Maybe Monday picnic lunches (or whatever)? It's hard to be intimidated by somebody you regularly break bread with.

Second, your stalker. It was about time. Some people need a BIG dose of consequences and Estelle sounds like one of them. I hope that for your sake it is the only loony of your career.



It's too bad that the only way we as a society have to deal with the mentally ill is the criminal justice system. Not saying you did anything wrong--you needed to protect yourself. But she is mentally ill--she has a physiological disease of the brain. She needs a hospital not a prison.

hang in there, brutha . . .

Sarah Dylan Breuer

Gosh! Two more things we have in common: having a stalker, and thinking that Buffy is at least the best thing since Jesus (well, maybe the best thing since St. Paul, who I think is far too often maligned or appreciated for entirely the wrong reasons).

Blessings to you and your g.f. (says someone who knows how my *my* g.f. puts up with).

Reverend Ref

Prayers for you all.

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