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Aug 19, 2004


Reverend Ref

Good point. I preached a sermon along those same lines once, using a baseball bat as a prop. The basic gist was that most people who like baseball were invited into the game by someone close to them, and shouldn't we invite people to hear the gospel the same way we invite them to participate in baseball.


Love the image. I'm going to borrow it!


I know it can be a dirty word among you progressives, but it seems like what your talking about is often referred to as evangelism.


I do like the word evangelism. However, it has become a word synonymous with being mean and dim in some circles. They don't know the original Greek nor its humanistic roots [that's biblical humanism, I mean].


kinda like "born again" huh?


From what I learnt from the book “A short history of interpretation of the bible", the term born again is not found in all versions of the bible. I did check on it.

The NSRV calls it "born from above". Does this difference matter a lot? The book seemed to imply that. Could you answer this Fr.Wilkins? I am a little confused here.

And on a side note, I do not like people who accost me with the “Are you born again" question? Not because I am a liberal, cos while growing up in India, I never did know the words liberal or conservative. It just seems impolite of someone, to ask a stranger if he was born again. In India the people who asked such a question were usually from the Assembly of God. The people from my denomination, which has links to the Anglican Church never did ask me this question. It does seem strange that only a subset of Christians seemed to ask me this question.

This is why I am puzzled if the difference in wording between the NSRV and the NIV, does matter?


Father Wilkins

Thank you for the clarification.

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