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Aug 20, 2004


D. C.

. . . the conservatives do have it right that the church has given its flock very little. We progressive Christians have to recognize that fact and start offering the Gospel, with clarity, with confidence, the Gospel that God is here, now.

Sad, but true. Worse, if you're unchurched and not receptive to purely-scriptural arguments, we give you very little
reason even to set foot in church.

This is a very interesting concept that I would love to consider more fully. D.C. and John--you guys are both obviously intelligent, well read, and seem to be passionate about your faith. As one with a more "traditional" perspective, I'm honestly interested--what would the Gospel look like, presented from a "progressive" point of view? How would you, or how do you, articulate and witness this idea "God is here now" to the unchurched.


That last post was me.

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