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Sep 29, 2004


Norris Battin

Thanks. These are great links. Your thoughts about the Jerusalem Post? That link is not on your list.


Dear "John:"

I have two comments; one on-point, and one that's more personal. The on-point comment is that i'd like to add MEMRI to your fine list of links. I think that they do great work in disseminating information instead of bias. They're available online at

The second, as I said, is more personal. I managed to pull off that wedding ceremony I told you about when we had lunch together in August of this year. While I wasn't able to find the time to correspond with you about it, I was quite mindful of the last wedding I saw you perform, and my memories of what you said that day were extremely informative. Thanks again for all you've done and all you continue to do . . .



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