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Sep 02, 2004



Yes, John Kerry and John Edwards are the perfect people to be leading a party built on Social Justice.

As a relatively conservative person who is also interested in economic justice, I have a question. Why is it just to remove almost half of a person's income by force of law? (that percent represents FICA, Medicare, Income, sales, property tax as well as gasoline tax etc.)

I believe that we should all share our wealth and help those without wealth. But forcing someone to share is not just.

Remember, Jesus did not say: "Blessed are you ... for you supported government programs to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc....


John Wilkins

A parent doesn't need to support their children; should they be "forced" to?

If you're point is that you can't make people good, you're absolutely right. You can, however, mitigate harm.

This is my view, asking someone who makes five hundred thousand dollars a year to pay greater dues to live in a society hurts him less than the greater good spent on increasing the livelihood of others. I'm not talking hand-outs either. Building schools, roads, funding teaching jobs, are all ways to encourage work, in a fashion that hurts people little.

We do have obligations, right? Isn't one of the problems in our society people don't live up to obligations?

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