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Sep 28, 2004


David Huff

Your friend wrote:
"Well, you know, I'm a traditionalist, but its important for suburbs and this diverse diocese to really be at the table. I want to be at the table which is why I'm running."

Boy, I sure wish the conservatives who run our Diocese felt the same way about the 30% - 40% or so of us who are mainline or progressive...

D. C.

John, I assume your signature was merely to get your friend on the ballot. I suspect that a lot of conservatives, if the roles were reversed, would not be willing to sign a petition to put a liberal on the ballot.

John Wilkins

Yes. I might even vote for him, in part because I do think that its important for the church to hear multiple voices. And he is generally a team player, a contributor, and honest in his dealings.

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