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Oct 21, 2004



I am not qualified to address this issue--but it is a agood question:

Is Bush a Christian

ronically for a man who once famously named Jesus as his favorite political philosopher during a campaign debate, it is remarkably difficult to pinpoint a single instance wherein Christian teaching has won out over partisan politics in the Bush White House. Though Bush easily weaves Christian language and themes into his political communication, empty religious jargon is no substitute for a bedrock faith. Even little children in Sunday school know that Jesus taught his disciples to live according to his commandments, not simply to talk about them a lot. In Bush’s case, faith without works is not just dead faith -- it’s evangelical agitprop


I have yet to meet a thoughtful, intelligent Bush supporter or a Bush supporter who bolsters his or her support for him with any reasoned analysis at all. I am convinced that one cannot be an intelligent ethical person and support GW Bush.

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