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Oct 09, 2004



Who ARE these murderous men with the authority to damn others to hell?

Christopher Culver

"In this discussion, gay people are compared to dogs."

While many of their comparisons seem modern, this particular metaphor is not some original vitriol of recent conferences. "Dogs" is a code word for male homosexuals in Scripture and the writings of the Church Fathers. See, for example, the last chapter of the Revelation to Saint John the Divine.

Todd Granger

John, I too was troubled (and remain so) by depth of the anger and by the profound misunderstandings that surfaced during those debates at the Lambeth Conference in 1998.

However, it is nothing less than outrageous calumny to assert that these bishops - a mob, as you casually name them - would have burnt someone at the stake.

The "purely apocryphal" byline is no excuse, given the title by which you clept this entry.

John wilkins

Not in this age, thank God. But in another age, it has happened.

Yet, knowing enough about human nature, I think it entirely possible that I also, sadly, might have been a part of such a mob. And from the perspect of the bishop, it [would have] felt like such.

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