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Oct 11, 2004


Mark Andrews

SV's answers are redolent of the odor of the late Jacques Derrida's tripe. Its amazing how direct questions from the ACT can be "re-contextualized" in such a way that direct answers are wanting.

John Wilkins

Mark, your answer is, sadly, predictable. The questions were, in themselves, laden with assumptions and lacked any understanding of what is truly at stake. As far as Derrida goes, my training was strictly in the analytical school. And you didn't respond to any part of my critique. Bless you Mark, but I think you can do better.

My view was that noone should be allowed to read Derrida, who had not read Plato in Greek, and Nietszche in German.

Wittgestein is much more interesting.

Mark Andrews

To be fair, I first have to answer the questions myself, which I'll do this evening.

In the meantime, the Venn Diagram of triliterati - Derrida in French, Plato in Greek and Nietszche in German - must awfully small.

linda mcmillan

Do we know the causes of hetrosexuality?

Just wondering.

Linda McMillan
Austin, Texas
(But, not a member of the Diocese of Texas)

Is it not also the case that there is no agreement about the cause(s) of homosexuality and that even if there was this would not of itself mean that homosexuality was morally acceptable?

Mark Andrews

John, I want to publically apoligize for my first post here. I was inconsiderate and intemperate towards you without cause. And, by the way, there could never BE a cause, either.

J. Collins Fisher

I'm confused: I thought these questions were from the Windsor Report (before I noticed the date of the entry), but they're not. Where do they come from? (Link please?)

[I agree that they are appalling---after the fashion of "When did you stop beating your wife?"---but I want to know exactly where they come from, before I can comment on them]

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