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Oct 29, 2004



One of the students on my CPE team was a Unitarian Druid, so it's possible. I didn't get it at all, but I suppose that was my bad. :)

D. C.

John, it seems to me that unitarian monotheism is not implausible. If the modern-day Unitarian Universalists were in fact unitarian instead of secular humanists, I might well be one.

I can't rule out that trinitarianism might be correct, however. A good friend and former law colleague is a trinitarian with a physics undergraduate degree. She thinks (I put words in her mouth here) that the doctrine of the Trinity represents a groping attempt to express the relational nature of God, analogous to the relational nature of reality as modeled by modern quantum physics. It's an intriguing concept; unfortunately I don't understand the physics nearly well enough to formulate an intelligent opinion.

John Wilkins

I also think that Donald Davidson's theories of language point to a trinitarian aspect of thought.

I also think that trinitarianism is an attempt to manage the problem of human suffering, and the challenges of comveying the embodiment of pain.


So I don't get hat tip Fr.? Nevermind. But yes Unitarians can be pagan and nine times out of ten they are. Take a look at the offerings at the Rowe Center

and you will see several well known witches etc. leading workshops at this Unitarian retreat center. If you are ever in Eastern Massachusetts, you can visit the famous "Old Ship Church". Fascinating old building, and even more facinating Witches Coven that meets regularly there.

If you want to muddy the water with cute remarks about trinitarianism, go right ahead, but as far as the Unitarians are concerned, yes, they welcome pagans and yes, it's getting harder to tell the difference between the Episcopalians and the Unitarian, but for the lovely vestments.

David Huff

Actually, in my neck of the woods, it's becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the Episcopalians and the Southern Baptists, "but for the lovely vestments." ;)

Former Pagan

Paganism is very different from Satanism. Satanism uses Christian symbols and so is a form of Christianity. It recognizes that Christ is real but chooses to profain him. Paganism is often but not always polytheistic. Some pagans believe there are many gods. Some believe there is one god who appears with many faces. Remember, Hindus and several other recognized and respected religions all over the world are pagan mostly by the fact that they are not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. Druids are a neo celtic theology. Wicca is a new age religion that honors the earth and uses several cultural symbols from the history of many places especially in Europe and India as well as origional symbols. Episcopalians are Christian and because of an Apostalic tradition have much in common with Catholics. They are however a potestant Christianity too so Episcopalians are free to intreperate scripture through thier own understanding and experience as are several other protestant groups. Also Episcopalianism is not completely uniform. Some groups are very high church like the catholics while some are very low church like the earth religions. (which is not to say that the lessons change just there presentation to fit a congregation's needs).

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