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Nov 24, 2004



Appalling as this event is, and as inadequate as the level of prosecution sounds like it will be, consider this: the same incident, with a Palestinian firing the shots and an Israeli girl as the victim, would result in the shooter being lionized by fellow Palestinians.

John Wilkins

In such a case, the Israeli military would execute justice. Not through the courts, perhaps.

You assume that Palestinian society lacks the diversity of Israeli society. That's an assumption. What the Palestinians are guilty of, perhaps, is thinking that Israelis think of Palestinian lives as expendable. With quotes like that, it seems plausible.


Assuming, of course, that Palestinians are correct that there's no diversity in Israeli society.

John wilkins

Getting back to your first comment, I guess the consequence of considering it is to affirm that the Palestinians should adopt non-violence and end take steps to halt corruption within their ranks. To assume that Palestinian wrongs justify Israeli wrongs, or even vice versa, however, seems like a type of moral relativism.

There is a very clear place for Israelis to step back, and that is to take seriously the idea that settlements should stop being built. Until then, Palestinians generally think that Israeli "peace" is just an excuse for continued robbery.

Any free-marketeer and republican knows that economic stability and democratic institutions go great strides to halting terrorism. If Israelis are serious about ending Palestinian terrorism, they might give some breathing space for such institutions to develop.

A couple years ago, a settler was accused of selling Palestinians weapons. To be honest, it is in the settler's best interest for Palestinians to use weapons; and even many Israelis know that Settlers are one of the most serious obstacles to mideast peace.

I digress. Any steps made must be made seriously, mutually, with realistic opportunities for success. A small piece of land in the Gaza strip with no port, and no water rights, would be a nation unnecessarily crippled.

I have empathy for the Israelis; yet, as a commentator in Haaretz recently mentioned, the Israeli soul has been corrupted by an inhumane heart towards the Palestinians. I'd appreciate your sentiments more, Athanasius, if I had thought you might have read at least "after the last sky" or some of the stories about Christian Palestinians.

We must love one another or die.

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