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Jan 03, 2005



Father Wilkins

Thank You for this post.


"Our faith can survive such disasters. What we can do, is help one another, and continue looking in the distance, knowing that while creation is in agony, in our hands we have the tools to do a little, open a small breathing space, light a candle, hold a hand, or carry a dead body lovingly to its grave, the same way our Savior's body was carried into the tomb."

Thank you for this.


I fail to see why one would blame Divinity for an occurrence which is the natural law of the planet. The planet must act in accordance with its own nature. There is no malevolent force causing an earthquake.

John Wilkins

Lee, it might not be good theology, but people do it anyway.

Its kind of like, when you get sick, you think you did something wrong.

The problem is not with the natural Law of the planet. The problem is reconciling how God can allow so much utter misery and suffering if he loves us.

a weary Christian

This is precisely the problem: why / how can an all loving all powerful God allow susch pain? Or, if God is truly involved in this world with us then what is he doing? Have faith is meaningless when millions suffer. God, either be God or give up the game. Holy words without holy action are just holey.

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