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Feb 04, 2005



Well done, Father!

P.S. It's Mark.


Congratulations! You have worked hard and earnestly. It is nice to have that recognized and rewarded.

Congratulations! (What exactly is a rector?)

...wait, you (used to) run some kind of a consulting business, and the fiscal wreck that was Wisconsin circa 2000-2002 consulted you to help clean up its messes? I'm very curious now.

Caelius Spinator

Congratulations! You won't change the name of the blog, will you? Rector you may be in the eyes of the diocesan authorities, but Christ (and we all) need a salty vicar in suburban Babylon.


Congrats. I like what the Sr. Warden had to say a lot.

Sounds like it hasn't been easy, and especially at those times a pat on the back IS nice.

John wilkins

actually, I'm thinking of ending my anonymity and changing the name of the blog to "Padre Mambo." Ideas?

struggling in diocese of mass

Congratulations and many blessings to you, John. May you bring the life-giving truth of Jesus to your congregation and your surrounding community. And thanks for your unfailingly gracious voice over at T19 (even though I often disagree with you)

bob c

what a ray of hope - go dancing !


Congratulations! Sounds like you've worked hard and that finally someone noticed.

Reverend Ref

Congrats! I must admit I never imagined suburban Babylon to be in Wisconsin. Keep on keepin' on.


...Over the last three years I do simple things: throw some parties; visit the sick; and cut costs...

Sometimes simple is best. Most times, actually.

Congrats, or condolenses, as the case may be. You sure you want to be rector? A great need for good interims exists right now.

David Huff

Congrats! Sounds like you've been good for that parish, and I also take the Sr. Warden's comments as high praise for you :)

To poster '|' above, a "rector" is simply a cleric in charge of a parish in the ECUSA. If the congregation is still a mission, the presiding cleric is called a "vicar." So in other words, our Salty Vicar was chosen by the vestry to be the "boss priest" on a more long-term basis (and soon may no longer be referred to properly as a "Vicar" :)

John Wilkins

To clarify: I was going to telecommute from Suburban Babylon [which is the financial capital of the world, BTW]. I may have a new websited called "padre mambo" in which I reveal my true self....


Congrats on your work at this parish. We're fortunate to have folk like you in the clergy.

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