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Feb 25, 2005



Now that would be sweet, if I could walk into the local bookshop and find books by not one, but both of my favorite preachers.

Good luck! Your readers are definitely here for a reason. :)

bob c

i am a recovering publishing person if you to the place where you need any insight


I used to be one of those, years ago. No agent necessary yet, but such inquiries are very real. A major house, right? Remember, publishing houses are in the business of finding books and publishing them--they are hungry for content and you have it and this editor found it, it's what they do. So believe it and go with it if you want to. Editor will probably treat you well.

Your first book probably will be a standard contract, I think, and for that you won't need an agent unless you have somethihg particular and special to sell. An example of that might be something topical, like for instance your take on our present controversy? There will be, of course, auctions of prospecgtive manuscripts on that with the usual run of books churned out, usually with somebody like Gary Wills writing them--no disrespect to Wills--and if that's what you should get involved in then you would definitely need an agent. But I don't know that that's what you want. And if the editor really did read something you wrote three years ago, then perhaps that's not what s/he's after either.

So talk to the editor before worrying about the details, and expect to get a book published in the future if you want to. Go for it! (And keep blogging so the blogosphere can yell warnings should any be needed, which probably isn't likely:-)
Yes, this does happen. I read your blog, too, and it's not surprising that it should happen to you.


Congrats, John.


Ankle on over to Making Light

and elsewhere, on fun & follies in the pub biz.

That said, I will indeed buy your book.



Nice! Looking froward to your book :-)


In a world of way too much harsh and difficult news, this has to be the best. An essay? You do have a nice writing style; lots of knowledge, a cheeky, breezy edge, and yet you can be very subjective and empathetic. An essay? It is amazing to find out who reads blogs.


way to go, john! milk it for all it's worth!! and make a loud noise when your book comes out!!!

David Huff

Wow, first "Real Live Preacher" and now you. Cool!

John Wilkins

DKP - thank you. You are yourself an inspiration...

John wilkins

And thanks everyone for your readership. I'm thinking of returning to my former "this is my life" style and forgoeing the theological interpretation stuff. I do think we need some theology. As I've said before, sometimes living with God is more important than thinking about God.

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