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Feb 02, 2005



If you read the article carefully, the Rt. Rev. Josias Sendegeya is not equating homosexuality to genocide but the actions of the Episcopal Church in 2003 (the accurate phrase from the article is "what happened to the Episcopal Church") to genocide. Since the article does not clarify what actions he considers "genocide", one can only presume that he is talking of the many members of ECUSA who have left and the absence of episcopal oversight to the orthodox faithful that remain in ECUSA. Either way, it was the power of the majority decimating the minority and can rightly be called "genocide".

It appears to me that you and many other clergy in ECUSA are reverting to the theory of "homophobia" to silence genuine dialogue and dissent and then wonder why the "reasserters" do not want to talk. (I do believe calling somebody "homophobic" is ad hominem). Disagreeing with the actions of ECUSA is not "homophobia" or indulging in "persecution" of GLBT, but then you know that already. Frankly, I see supercilious attitudes, power and racism in the clergy and bishops of ECUSA (there maybe exceptions, I am sure, but it is tough to find one) rather than the "love" you see.

John Wilkins

Greg, there are times where calling people "homophobic" isn't accurate and ends discussion. But saying that ECUSA somehow "decimated" the minority takes world view that is very extreme. It was a vote. Individual dioceses may still choose not to ordain gay clergy; they may choose not to bless marriages.


There are quite a few people in ECUSA who have grieved and left ECUSA because of these actions - many who have been Episcopalians for generations and they have even worse comparisons. But your heading equating homosexuality to genocide is wrong. But I don't think he was talking about the vote. How can a vote be a "genocide"? In my opinion, he is talking about the actions of ECUSA after the vote - there are quite a few people who have left ECUSA, given the prevailing political and spiritual climate and that is bad for ECUSA and Anglicanism.

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