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Mar 19, 2005



That's a good one. Which reminds me - there's probably a bunch of people polishing brass today at church. Any tips there?


If you run out of silver polish, ketchup works. :)

I'm not a priest but I learned the iron trick ne from the Altar Guild and have spent several peaceful hours on my knees in an Episcopal church, ironing the carpet following Christmas Eve and also the Easter Vigil.


I just got a bit of wax on my surplice. I ironed the area with a paper towel and most of the wax came out. I then washed it. However, there's still some spots embedded in the cloth. Any tips for further removal?

Reverend Ref

Salt: You're assuming that you want to save the carpet.

John wilkins

Rev ref - heh heh. Good point. I'm tending to want to tear it out...

Dont know aobut further points. Maybe some more ironing?

Jane R

Ah, if you were a girl priest you'd have learned this from your Mama already, years ago. Old household trick -- learned it about clothes and tablecloths though, not about church carpets ;-). But it comes in handy in all of the above as it turns out. Blessings for Holy Week and thanks for your thoughtful writings.


There are cheap commercial candle wax removers available online or in stores that sell candles which work quite well--I used it to take off a wax spill down the cloth front of a stereo speaker (don't ask :-) I followed the directions and then used a toothbrush to remove it. I wouldn't use it on linens and vestments, though, unless the material is not precious. For the carpet, do a practice test bit in an inconspicuous place to make sure it doesn't take out the carpet color (it probably won't.)


Useful info for choir members going into Holy Week as well!


I should put this tip on my church blog as well, since we had a candle-related disaster during the Easter Vigil, and there might have been some collateral damage.

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