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Jul 22, 2005



I don't know about Tolly, but my cats are driven by one purpose only: to be as comfortable and well-fed as possible without exerting any effort in the process.

John wilkins

This is why I think his choice of reading material quite surprising.

Tolly is the kind of cat that likes to chase and be active, however, and I encourage it. He doesn't like hip hop as much as Irish music, however.

J. C. Fisher

In the case of PDL, are we sure that Tolly wasn't just cruising for likely litter material? (Yeah, yeah: just being catty! *g* But that maniacly self-promoting 'phobe Rick Warren just chaps my arse . . . )


Hello Father

Do you listen to a lot of Hindi music?

Noorie is the only song on the list, I have heard before and I do not listen to much Hindi music myself.


Clergy down with BDP - "Why is that"? ;-)

Mark Andrews

No one who listens to The Donnas can be all bad.

A very cute cat! I've kept cats (or, rather, they've kept me) for 21 years and counting. We only have one cat, a 16-pound calico named Zia, but she's as big as two cats, so I guess that counts as two.

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