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Jul 13, 2005



One thing that always occurs to me when I hear intelligent design discussed by its proponents is the way in which it places the human being at the center of the whole debate. Because the eyeball is too complicated FOR US to understand how it developed, it must have been designed by God. Well, maybe we just aren't smart or sophisticated enough to detect the processes at work in the developent of the eyeball. But that never occurs to the IDers. They don't see how it could have happened so they decide it was done magically by God. Human beings are thereby once again understood to be at the center of everything because the human being's capacity to understand functions as the ultimate standard.

In a way ID actually diminishes the power and agency of God because it assumes that God could not work through an infinitely complex evolutionary process too complicated or subtle for us to grasp.

The constant tendency of conservative Christians to underestimate the infinite power and majesty of God in favor of their own cramped understandings never ceases to amaze.

J. C. Fisher

Good point, K. ID-ers' God is Too Small!


The whole theory is just silly.

It states that life is too complex to have been created without a designer, yet when you use the same governing rules to explain the origin of the designer. The designer would have been too complex to have been created without a designer also. For the theory to make sense there would have to be an infinite amount of designers.


mabey the theory of ID has just not been incorporated into the idea of evolution. What if the designer simply designed the building blocks for life (proteins, atoms and cells) to evolve from? then both theories would seem much more realistic... You can't make something from nothing


They must be very talented aliens. Where did they come from you goofball?

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