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Jul 08, 2005



There is the condor nest in the Battleship cliff in the Grand Canyon. But otherwise the stats are incredibly accurate! ;-)

Here in blue Michigan, we have the other 12% of obese Americans (er, I might be one).

John Wilkins

I myself, who should be 135, am 185. I wonder if blogging has something to do with it.

D. C.

I'd like to know where the statistics came from ("objection, your honor, no foundation").

The modest proposal for the United States of Canada and Jesusland was both pithier and funnier.

As the Wikipedia article puts it, the actual electoral map is in fact mostly "purple", containing a mixture of support for both parties (and therefore by comparison, both cultural outlooks) which rarely exceeds 65% towards either side in any given location.

David Huff

Heh. Sweet idea, I'd go for it.

But uh, wait...I live in Texas...

J. C. Fisher

Jay, hon, Blue America will have "Wellness Care" to proactively help you w/ any weight problem (which you *cough* MIGHT *cough* have)!

Now, when can we get Blue America? (With Massachusetts' marriage laws, natch! :-D)

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