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Sep 24, 2005


J. C. Fisher

If the Catholic church were serious about extricating the intrinsically gay culture of the Catholic priesthood, they would ordain women.

So very true!

Bruno Finocchio

History does repeat itself, it would appear that we are reliving the strugle between Celtic Chritianity from the British Isles vs. Constantine Roman Christianity. Perhaps this time, we will hold the message of the Christ above the power of empire


I have heard many negative comments upon release of this news.There is no doubt that this measure sends a mixed and confusing message regarding sexuality, masculinity,and fatherhood. It also places gays in the same category as women in the Roman tradtion - outcasts who are "incabable" of priesthood!


"But it seems to me that the Catholic priesthood implies that their clerics are neutered. "
What ?
Heyn catholic priests are real men !
Or is Christ neutered ?

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