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Oct 14, 2005



If we listened to the sanctity of marriage and the problem of promiscuity, we’d find thye have something to say. And if we asked them if gay people should be treated equally, 99% would agree.

I appreciate reconciliation work as well, but reconciliation only happens if we can hold one another together in conflicts. I'm sorry, but 99% would not agree to treat us equally. If that were the case we'd already have equal rites and the sanctity of our relationships would be honored as ways to reduce promiscuity among gay folk.

J. C. Fisher

What *C said . . . and as far as "including both sides", I say to our opponents the same thing I say re Another Big Hairy Issue: if you don't like same-sex marriage, don't have one! ;-)

Prior Aelred

Salty -- Like you I was disappointed -- I do believe that Fr Danforth is not being honest (perhaps with himself) about the nature of the "conservative" opposition (remember that the "Network" is actually a fairly small percentage of the Episcopal Church -- perhaps a maximum of 15%) -- they do not want to have open communion -- they want to excommmunicate & exclude those who disagree with them (& do)

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