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Nov 27, 2005



Your parishioner said s/he went to her son's 'parish'? As in Episcopal Parish?

David Huff

" might be surprised at how...artistically mature the genre has become" and "Musically, they are as creditable as many of their top-40 counterparts."

Yeesh.. (involuntary shudder). I dunno what Radosh is smoking, but I'm upset he wasn't sharing :/


David -- Don't forget that "as creditable" as, say, Linkin Park need not be particularly creditable. I stand by my judgment.

Now what does "vaguely fundamentalist" mean?

John Wilkins

I think "vaguely fundamentalist" means self-conscious about being "bible-centered" as a way of organizing a life, whatever that might mean. I'm guessing that, like many non-denominational churches, its essentially a prosperity gospel ["Jesus will make you rich and/or happy"] + the use of the bible verses to sustain hypnotic trances.

Or something like that.

As opposed to "vaguely revisionist", self conscious about being "world-centered" as a way of organizing life, whatever that means. I'd guess that like many Episcopal Churches, its essentially a Feel-Good gospel (Jesus loves you just the way you are--especially if you're poor, or a minority or at least give lip service to caring about the poor or minorities) and use the bible verses to take up space in their beautiful liturgy.

Or something like that. :)

John Wilkins


David Huff

radosh wrote, "Don't forget that "as creditable" as, say, Linkin Park"

LOL! OK, point taken ;->

J. C. Fisher

I'm afraid I just don't have the same sense of humor as does Salty John.

Ergo, o poster-without-name, I do feel good about the "Feel-Good gospel"---because it is the Gospel of Christ. God bless ECUSA for preaching it! (Felt that needed sayin')

[*Not that I'm agreeing w/ your pejorative characterizations, inc. "lip service" and "use the bible verses to take up space", obviously :-/]


What, I must ask, is wrong with "reaching out to troubled kids in the audience"?

That's exactly what churches - all churches - should be doing (while perhaps in a different way).

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