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Dec 28, 2005



You attended the show in person? if so, did you all sing along with the Christmas carols? I heard part of the broadcast the next day.

I've pondered long and hard the nature of consciousness in the afterlife. As much as I'd wishfully like to believe that we continue remembering everything and everyone we ever knew, I have to admit that it's unlikely, since memory (and emotion) seem to be biochemically based. And I can't really believe in a physical body after death, either.

Unless God has infinite amounts of random access memory lying around for us to use to remember our lives and loved ones, your conclusion is a logical one.

Reverend Ref

I've done five funerals to date. None of them have been for any of my parishioners (and Lord knows that some of them are close enough), and only one of them was for anyone I even remotely knew.

I wonder if being the local funeral-guy-for-hire ever gets easier?

Oh wow -- two comments in one night, I must be feeling glib!

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