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Dec 31, 2005


Gigantic Hound

Bush. Ayn Rand. George Wallace.


All Things Beautiful TrackBack A Challenge To The Blogosphere: 'The Ten Worst Americans' List

"As a post Christmas/Hannukah Challenge, I invited the Blogosphere to name 'The Ten Worst Americans' in the last, well it will have to be 230 odd years.....Salt or Salty Vicar to his friends has posted his list here.

John Wilkins

Ayn Rand. That's a good one. Might have to adjust my list. Although I think Dubya is awful, I wonder if Cheney is worse. I need a little bit more time on that one. Wallace seemed to be more the product of his times.


Cheney is easily worse. One of the most black-hearted people I can think of. Think of it this way... although it took me some years to really believe it, 'W' has a geniune faith rooted in the redemption Christ offers. Cheney and his unheavenly host (Rove, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, et al) sit on both his shoulders, twisting the Gospel. No one has done a better job of perverting the teachings of Christ and of the Bible in the mind of the world's most powerful man. Lucifer must be proud beyond words.


Addendum: I almost make 'W' sound like an innocent victim... my bad! He is not that nave. He has embraced the Cheney-Wolfowitz world view, in fact he seems to glory in it since it is he the one who at the seat of power in the center of that universe. But clearly Cheney is the master. Bush's personal Sith Lord.

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