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Jan 28, 2006


Phil Snyder

I also was unsurprised when Hamas won. Fatah was morally bankrupt and could teach the Warren Harding administration a trick or seven about political corruption.

The Palestinians had two bad choices. The could vote for the lying weasels who had done nothing but impoverish them or they could vote for the hate filled weasels who had suffered with them and promised to improve their lot and had worked before to improve their lot - but might bring military destruction if Israel were attacked again.

Hamas has brought the Israel and terrorism question back to the forefront of both Palestinian and Israeli life. Now, the Palestinian gov't can no longer claim that a terrorist attack was something that just wasn't prevented in time. Now it will be viewed as government policy and responded to government to government. The terrorists have become a defacto state. Let's hope they can keep it and not throw it away.

Phil Snyder

John Wilkins

history is full of terrorists who became politicians. Sharon, Shamir and Begin, for example.

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