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Jan 26, 2006


Phil Snyder

Congratulations Fr. Salty on not only having the nerve to compete, but the chops to compete well and having the nerve to admit who you are.

Being in the Bible Belt, sharing my ordination at work (I originally typed "oddination" - is that a freudian slip or what?), I usually get one of three resonses.

1. That's Great! What's an Episcopalian?
3. Isn't that the gay church?

Anyway, congratulations on the fine dancing. I also dance with people who are better dancers than I - it's almost axiomatic :)

Phil Snyder

your aspirant

Nice going! How's about a Salsa contest at the church as a fundraiser?

John Wilkins

Those are very funny responses. I do get #3. I say, "yes. But in the original sense of the word. It was stolen from us."

That gets a chuckle and is better [and more accurate, perhaps] than getting defensive. You could say, "well, yes, which is why you're invited" which might not be considered friendly. Of course, its kind of a hostile statement to begin with.

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