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Jan 06, 2006


Karen B.

Good job live blogging John. I agree with you. I can't figure out who the audience is supposed to be.

And I definitely agree the Jesus figure doesn't work. It's as if Christ is provided for comic relief. Sad. I predict a short life.

John Covert

Unfortunately the racism about Asian grandchildren is real. I'm an advisor to a group of young men at MIT, about half of whom are Asian. A lot of the Asians have faced racism, especially if they are from certain areas of the country, and a lot of them still run into racism from parents if they're dating someone of the other race.

BTW, the actor playing the role looks like he's half-Asian himself, at least to me. I could be wrong.


your aspirant

I can imagine a rich anglo woman finding it "acceptable" to adopt an asian child, but to have her pampered little daughter marry one and produce children SHE might have to acknowledge as grandchildren..well, that is quite another matter!
The woman bishop is a poor example of a bishop...she seems to have nothing to do but be a pest. Guess I was hoping that we just might get a more realistic view of Episcopalians and our church instead of "Leave it to Beaver goes all wrong!"

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