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Mar 02, 2006



What's up with the formatting? The only way I could read this was using lynx on a VT100 terminal window on my Unix server.


Well, if there's one thing the Institute on Religion and Democracy knows more about than human sexuality, it's Communism; to them Frank, TEC, the NCC, and you and I are just "Castro-friendly" communism enablers.

IRD president Diane Knippers observed that for years the NCC has praised the supposed "achievement of the Cuban Revolution," while ignoring the Castro regime's gross human rights abuses. "The NCC has faulted the U.S. embargo for Cuba's impoverishment while ignoring the oppressive, statist policies that actually created that poverty. Even worse, the NCC has remained silent about Castro's continuing restrictions on religious activity in Cuba."(January 2000, attacking the NCC's efforts in the Elian Gonzalez affair).

Strange, and cruel, how this "renewal movement of orthodox Christians" believes that the way to extend Christian mercy to the people of a nation who's leaders our leaders don't like, is to impoverish two generations of its civilian population down to the last child. Yeah, "we" have no choice, it's all on Castro.

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