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Mar 28, 2006



LEAC is 18 people (current and prospective members). That's not a movement, that's a small group study!

Down the stairs to the left is the Alpha group; across the hall is Purpose Driven; and farther down the hall, next to the nursery, is the Global Effort To Eliminate The Gay Agenda From The Anglican Communion.

Jim Naughton

Soon every individual who objected to the consecration of Gene Robinson and to the continuation of same-sex blessings will have letterhead and a post office box.

Lynn Gazis-Sax

I see it's my sad duty to inform you of what the gay agenda actually is. It can be found right here:


Shhh, Lynn, you told them!

Lynn, that link may not work... it appears to link to the latest Fiore animation (they are ALL brilliant, btw), not the one you intended (which I remember fondly when it first appeared!). Here it is.


Fascinating tidbit from a commenter over at Thinking Anglicans. The LEAC web site is hosted by Virtue Online and administered by the the same webmaster, a Mr. Robert Turner.

I try to avoid "guilt by association," but my gosh this is like being photographed kissing Jack Abramoff on the lips while receiving a fat plain brown envelope from him. So much for the motives and credibility of LEAC!


Wow, Jay!! That's front-page news for sure. If VOL's involved, the slime factor must be very, very high.

Jim N., that's about the funniest sad truth I've heard all month!

Tobias S Haller BSG

You might be interested in my comments on the "report" of the LEAC survey. I could not resist calling it "The Lay of the Land...."

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