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Apr 28, 2006


Phil Snyder

Professor Gonzales was asked: "Does the word "illegal" raise any issues for you?"

To which I answer: "Yes. It means against the law."

Illegal aliens are, by definition, law breakers. There is a process (broken though it may be) to enter the US for work legally. If we allow the millions of illegal aliens currently in the US the right to remain here, we dishonor those millions of people who worked hard to enter the country legally. We make their sacrifice worth nothing and we will encourage more illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens are actually a drain on our economy. They supress wages for unskilled (and thus entry level) workers and they send a large portion of their income back to their home countries, thus taking it out of the US economy. Many of them do not pay federal income tax or social security and those that do pay social security cause problem for those legal residents or citizens whose social security numbers they are using. I know one person who was investigated several years and several times by the IRS because he only filed the income tax return for one job while he obviously held 5 jobs - the other four were held by illegal aliens who used his card.

To truly solve this issue, we need to first solve the political and economic problems in Mexico and Central America. If these countries were not the economic basket cases that they are today.

I don't know how we can solve another countrie's political and economic problems - do you?

Phil Snyder

John Wilkins

Repeal NAFTA might be a start.

Saying immigration is a felony, however, will probably not stop illegal immigration, but have the unintended effect of encouraging more criminality, driving people more underground.

Personally, I think our historic relationship with Mexico (we stole basically that land from them in the 1840's, remember?) should allow us to consider a wider variety of options (say, help Mexico creat ID cards that allow for occasional work and travel). Oddly, plenty of employers would not like it, as that would probably drive up wages. And then, by driving up wages, there would be less incentive to hire immigrants. And thus less incentive for immigrants to immigrate.

When you say "illegal" means "breaking the law" than one way to stop people from breaking the law is to legalize it.

You know, Paul talks about this in Romans.

Phil Snyder

A guest worker program would not be a bad idea.

However, we should secure our borders first and find some solution to those here illegally now. Simply saying: "Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!" won't do as it will encourage more illegal immigration. Some, who have been here for a long time, should be allowed to stay and work towards eaning legal status. Some, who have been here a short time, should be deported, but with some preference for receiving a guest worker pass.

We need to honor those who have played by the rules in the beginning and give them preference for legal immigrant and citizen status.

Phil Snyder

David Loving

I think we ought to lighten up where Mexico, and Latin America in general, is concerned. The "legalism" argument is interesting because the USA is not without fault in the matter, having encouraged these workers to come in for decades. Many US companies and private citizens bent and broke the law and made it easy for the workers to fill jobs, cheap, and for a long time. You'd think this just happened overnight to hear the pundits who just discovered the issue. Remember how Republicans used to sink Clinton appointments because someone was paying the household help under the table ? Of course we ought to secure the borders, north and south - especially the north to keep out those freeloading canadians. I'm in favor of amnesty and in some kind of guest worker toward citizenship program. I also think there should be a push gently to encourage assimilation. For the life of me I do not understand why everyone is so whipped up over this. We need the cheap labor that we have gotten so used to, let's figure out a way to make it work for them and us, too. The news-types ran out of issues, I guess. Folks should be more attentive to sports. Yawn...

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