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Apr 28, 2006



Honda Civic. YES! I have one of those. They ROCK!!! When I drove mine out to Kansas to visit my parents, I got 41 mpg, and that wasn't just poking along. I say thank you Lord everytime I'm at the gas pump with some monstrous Lincoln Navigator or something that takes $60 or $70 to fill up and I can barely squeeze $25 in mine. Enjoy!


I am hoping to buy a Mini Cooper myself, waiting to buy their 07 version.

your aspirant

And it's a great color as well! At least now when we go on a "pilgrimage" we shall drive in comfort and safety!


Here in AL, the Volvos are reserved for Bishops, and priests drive VW Jettas - at least that's what my son told me. But,in fact, our Suffagen Bishop just bought a Toyota Prius and seems to be quite proud of it. All this seems to have my son quite depressed, though, as his mentor inists that when he is ordained he will have to drive a Buick...

Still enjou your blog - what a refreshing change from the scriptural rhetoric I read here in the bible-belt.


John Mckiernan-Gonzalez

I love Civics. I love MINIs. I love the Subaru WRX, even though Judy Jurado, my brother's fiancee thinks that the WRX is the definition of an unattractive car.

This opinion brings up another point. Evereyone loves the mini. Everyone likes the CIVIC... and everyone has an opinion on the WRX. By the way, the WRX gets horrifying gas mileage for the size of the car.

Oh, and my Saturn L Series gets up to 36 mpg on the high plains. The downside is that when I have been stopped by police and give them my registration, two cops ask me why I am driving my mother's car.

Great blog, Gawain. Your writerly voice shines through.

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