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May 13, 2006


Heidi Alvey

Hmm,maybe you need a wife - I happen to have two beautiful daughters...I also have just noticed that your site comes after my site for my favorite banana pudding recipes in my favorites. I am trying to figure out the relevance - I know that there is one there, somewhere...

Heidi Alvey

Oh, forgot to mention - one daughter is a great salsa dancer..

John Wilkins

Single, cute and a salsa dancer? Sounds delightful. Yes, I would do well having a lovely female partner.


You forgot to put in furnace repair person. After the church furnace fell apart Christmas Eve morning and we jury-rigged it to get through Epiphany when it finally died for good, after I was on my belly staring into the guts of the furnace that same morning, I hung up below my ordination certificates my late grand-father's 1945 license to 'operate unlimited steam boilers.'

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