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May 05, 2006


D. C.

I watched the whole thing on C-SPAN. Colbert was simply unfunny, embarrassingly so. Part of it was his delivery; someone saying the same lines with a lighter, happier demeanor might have pulled it off.

John Wilkins

HI DC - enjoyed your article on do we need priests.


On the other hand, I thought it not only funny, but a little exhilarating. No one else would have dared say those things, but Colbert did. He fluffed one joke, but I think the stunned silence in the room and occasional nervous giggles affected his timing.

After the "audition tape" with Helen Thomas finished and he wrapped up, she appeared to be wiping tears from her eyes as Colbert left the dais. Whether of laughter or of sorrow, I can't say. But she looked like she'd been laughing pretty hard.


I'm not a big fan of Colbert, nor a big fan of the President, but when I watched it online I have to admit I thought it was pretty funny.

Perhaps in poor taste, I'm not real sure of the context and intent of the dinner, but it was definitely funny.

Prior Aelred

Colbert was brilliant -- & probably ought to avoid small planes


Yes, how DARE Colbert speak openly about the truth. All I can say is poor poor president Bush. He actually had to sit through 30 minutes of awkwardness and discomfort. Can you imagine!?

I seem to recall that several years ago at this very event Bush's schtick involved looking under couches in the Oval Office for WMD. "Nope! They're not under here!" he cried. Now THAT's what I call hilarious.

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