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May 12, 2006


UnSaintly Pat

What do we expect from an administration that considers torture an acceptable practice?

Detention centers for trouble-makers will be next, I suppose. I wonder why we're not out in the streets over this kind of stuff.


I was stunned this week at something that happened at my dentist's office. I had had a lot of work done that day -- over $1400. [SCREAMS!] They offered to see if I would qualify for a third-party low-interest credit plan. Sure, said I. So they key in basic info (name, address, SSN, phone #) and SHAZAM! back comes the "application approved" response. I figure, sure -- of course I qualified. Then I was knocked back on my heels when the dental person said nonchalantly, "Oh, their system doesn't look at your credit history, but your medical expense history." I've spent two days since then trying to wrap my head around this.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but the notion that in the space of about 60 seconds some computer has access to my medical expenditures is more than a little unnerving to me.

But maybe that's just me. The Republicans seem fine with this stuff. After all, they got the best government money can buy, right?

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