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Jun 07, 2006


Sun Warrior

I found your blog on The Times article on youths' lack of interest in religion. Then I click to your Da Vinci Code review... lol, interesting juxtaposition. The Church is in an uproar over people believing The Code, but underneath it all, no one really cares anymore... odd's fish!

It seems that the invisible God is now truly invisible!


Could you please expound more on your thought about Jesus and the incompatability of his going to France. I see lots of potential cultural similarities. To mention a few: Jesus probably didn't bathe regulary; Jesus was into making wine (I assume red; he was married (to the church) and had a mistress.


Aw, shucks. That was the only part of the book (I have not seen the movie)I wanted to believe - the French connection. In the book, wasn't it Mary Magdalene who went to France and settled with some relatives - the Blanchard's? My mother's relatives were French immigrants, my grandmothers maiden name was Blanchard. Guess I'll have to give up the illusion or delusion.

C. Wingate

"And did those feet, in ancient times....."

J. C. Fisher

Salty, when it comes to the hotness of certain ladies, I could not agree w/ you more... ;-p


Yes, Jesus' descendants are remember Linda Fiorentino don't you?

( )

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