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Jun 08, 2006


Sun Warrior

LOL... that was brilliant... never thought of religion as branding, but its so obvious.

Have to beware of those Nike fakes made in Bangladesh for 13 cents, not the real thing made in China for 12 cents.

John Wilkins

We Anglicans have been called "fake Catholics." So my next question is, what is the problem - the fakery or the Catholicism?

Sun Warrior

I care to think of Anglicans as the happy medium. You can taste the Catholicism and Reform. I think that is why I feel the most comfortable in them, and not my United Church of Canada (a combination Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregationalist amalgam). It still hasn't gone to the extremes of intellectualism, but has deflated the mitre of the Vatican. Perhaps I find them the most open-minded.

Sun Warrior

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