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Jun 18, 2006


David Loving

We were speculating about this at church this morning as to how electing her would cut to the chase. It's a good thing.

your postulant

Well, isn't the Holy Spirit something! +Catherine Roskum is very much one to let the Spirit blow where she will...and she has indeed!
So I begin seminary with a woman for Presiding Bishop...there is something really cool about that!

father j

I'm loving it!

Both the election of Jefferts Schori and your blog site!

I again feel proud of the Episcopal Church this morning. I hope it continues throughout the rest of Convention, but I'm holding my breath. We seem bent on appeasement on the sexuality issue rather than openly saying that what we did in 2003 arises out of deepest held Christian convictions, and those who disagree have their own choices to make. I pray we don't betray our GLBT brothers and sisters.

Sr. Mary Hasta

I've been doing my Blues Brothers impression all day (when I haven't been giggling madly-- the Presiding Bishop has GIRL COOTIES! *snerk*).

Anyway, back to
The Lord works in mysterious ways.

We're on a mission from God.


I, like "your postulant", begin seminary with a woman presiding bishop. Too cool!

I. am. just. so. thrilled. about her election.

By the way "your postulant", which seminary will you be attending?


Trough her studies, I suppose we can say with certainty, that she has flown to the highest heights and descended to the deepest depths. What a blessing we have. Music - my house rocked with the yeah, yeah, yeah song. "With all your power, what will you do.'

As for the conservatives in my area, they are facing a new challenge - some guy who is professing his previous practice of Bestiality, and is now healed. Honest

your postulant

Hi Sophia,
(thanks for the space, Salty!). I am going to General Seminary in NY...close to home...close to my heart. Where are you going?

Lars Clausen

Nice job on your vision!

Sorry to post on your blog, but I can't find another way to contact you.

Kent Gustavson reads your blog. Do you know each other? He recommended I contact you.

I'm a Lutheran Pastor no longer serving a congregation. Kent helped me produce my new book Straight Into Gay America: My Unicycle Journey for Equal Rights. Lots of information at I'm giving the book away for free, A-Page-A-Day to anyone's email who will have it and spread word. Trying to create an Equal Rigths tidal wave....

I'd love for the pages of this book to spread through churches. Can you post a note at your blog, check out the site, and tell your contact list of this book? Read the foreword by Jody Huckably (director of PFLAG) posted at the website, and you'll know there's value in this book.

Thanks, Lars

Here's the note I'm sending to bloggers. If you can post this news or write an article I'll be grateful.


Straight Lutheran Pastor unicycled 1,000 miles last summer for LGBT Equal Rights. He cares so much that now he's giving his book away free.

Visit to sign up and receive Lars Clausen's Straight Into Gay America: My Unicycle Journey for Equal Rights, the entire book free, delivered A-Page-A-Day to your email box.

Thank you,


PFLAG director Jody Huckaby wrote the foreword to Straight Into Gay America, calling it "A story that must be told...a bridge across the divide between straight and gay...nothing less than a sacred journey."

Lars Clausen

David Huff

Hmmm...Gledhill is rather pretty, yes ? Too bad she has such an unattractive attitude :P Rather spoils it for me.

And hooray for ++Katharine! The more I think about how it turned out, the more I like it :)


I find it exceedingly interesting that "In [her]Own Words" Katharine Jefferts Schori
(Tuesday, February 28, 2006)is sounding very Unitarian circa late 18th and early 19th century. It is a comfort and a joy to read of her affirmation of the GLBT community and other people who are the target of verbal, psychological, and spiritual stoning. Not being an Episcopalian, I don't fear the Schism, but in fact think it might be for the best. I have too long dealt with those firmly entrenched in the opposing camp to have any hope left.


News just in from convention - I called my son and told him I heard they were having a hard time. I said to remember the Holy Spirit is working there. He said "Are you kidding me, mom?!!!" The Holy spirit is nowhere to be found. Most of us have just been left out to dry, and all that remains is extreme liberals fighting extreme consservatives. Then he said, sorry, I'm a little upset now..." And, me, I'm sad.


Ugh! I knew the ECUSA was going to screw this up, I didn't know they would elect the most ultraliberal uberspongite they could locate. Nothing but an honorary divinity degree, never had her own parish, only joined the Church 10 years ago and now she's the PB. She doesen't believe in the Ressurection or the afterlife, one would think those were key tenets of this here Christianity thing.

But hey, she's a woman right? And she's Pro LGBT. And if you read scripture, you know those things matter most.

Thank god I left for Rome when I had the chance. I just feel bad for the few remaining Christians in ECUSA who have to congregate with the Church of the Transgendered Mommy-Goddess & secular humanist Jesus.


Lawrence - there is no ECUSA anymore, it is TEC, and it really is trying for understanding. I know, really, I do. My church, the TEC, will survive. Despite all the acronyms, with which I have grown weary, it will survive women, it will survive GLBT, because it must. Because how in God's green earth can it be otherwise? How in the world can you argue with a 22 year old kid who says, no, I will not stand with the opinion we arguing, nor will I stand against a point that was resolved a little over 2000 years ago. Yup, we have been forgiven. Out of the mouths of babes I say....


Brother Laurence,

Where in the world are you getting your information? +Katharine came to the Episcopal Church as a child (she was baptized in the Roman Church), by virtue of her Baptism she is part of a royal priesthood that you and I also share. I do not think that being a Rector of a parish is any qualification for PB. I belong to a small mission congregation and any of the vicars I've been blessed to know would have made wonderful bishops also. As to not believing in the Ressurection????? Every Eucharist we remember and share in the Death and Ressurection of Our Lord. Please, Laurence, don't be spreading hate; pray for Peace.


I don't think I said the last part correctly- he will not apologize for an isue that he thinks was resoved a few thousand years ago.;-)

Jane R.

Bishop Jefferts Schori received her M.Div. from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP). In other words, she has the usual required seminary degree. (She had previously earned the M.A. and Ph.D. in oceanography, and went back to school in the early 1990s for her theological degree.) CDSP *later* awarded her the honorary degree, once she was a bishop, just a few years ago. As a previous poster pointed out, she has been an active Episcopalian since the age of nine. (But dear previous poster, do call the RC Church what its members wish it to be called. They never, ever refer to themselves as "the Roman Church" -- "Roman Catholic," yes, or just "Catholic." It's more respectful and ecumenical to call others what they call themselves.)

Jane R.


oh, I am so confused...I'm not sure what church I attend anymore. I guess I will just have to rely on the people in Columbus to tell me. I do not think it is Roman, at least that is what the Roman Catholics tell me, I know it is not Melkite, because my brother-in-law from Lebanon insists I do not have the right attitude when I think there is an echo in his church (they say every thing three times). Think I will just call it a day and say my rosary...


Revelation - I am a Marionite, with an Episcopal attitude! I think Mary would be proud.


To Jane R.,

Point taken about my calling the Roman Catholic Church the Roman Church. I meant no disrespect in that comment, I was only pointing out that she was baptized in a Roman Catholic parish and came into the Episcopal Church later. Point being that she is a baptized Christian part of the Royal Priesthood of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.
Join me in praying for her new ministry.


Laurence "left for Rome" yet signs the email address ""?

As for information sources, these are the kinds of "facts" often generated from half of the great wits over at I'm surprised Laurence didn't work in the word "homoerotic" three or four times.

Jane R.

Thanks, Rich -- and of course I join you in prayer.



Where does this Katharine Jefferts Schori get off thinking she's honoring God when all she needs to do is read the Bible and she'd know women should not hold her position in the church...thank God I'm Catholic.

Pete S

Your denomination is totally screwed up. I am sooooo glad the Catholic Church does not yield to public whimsy but instead holds true to its doctrine and beliefs...your denomination is an's garbage, it's a false faith...changing your religeon to reflect society's wishes instead of instructing your followers to follow what's right is exactly why your church is a joke...liberalism at its worst...your church smells of liberalism..and trust me, that is a very bad thing....agian, thank God I'm Catholic!!!

John Wilkins

Hi Pete,
I thank God you are a Roman Catholic also. You'll have to do a better job, however, of convincing me that Episcopalianism is garbage. A lot of [former] Roman Catholics would object to that.

Bless you.

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