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Jun 17, 2006



I completely agree. Let's do it! Let's completely screw the whole thing up until nobody can sort it out - and let God sort it out, at long last.

Who are these people - and who is this Church? - who think they can dictate to [more than half the world!] as to who's good enough to serve God - or even to sit in their sorry, sorry pews?

I'm so, so sick of the whole ridiculous thing.

Elect Schori! Elect Schori! Elect Schori!

Caelius Spinator

Well, as much as I am given to try to convince old Anglo-Catholic priests on T19 that their objections to women in orders might be premised on Christological heresy, I'm not sure I want to risk schism on this point yet.

I remember serving on a parish discernment committee a few years ago when I was young, foolish, and still very much in high school. I said that the work of the Church was "to create chaos." I like to think I've moved beyond that kind of anarchoprimitivist ecclesiology.

But while my leading favorite is still Duque-Gomez (I mean he did object to +VGR but then lead a fair listening process in his diocese and personally ordain gay clergy after being convinced of catholic truth (did I just say that?)), I think Jefferts-Schori is a fine second choice. And I'm not letting our similar academic backgrounds sway me.

"I completely agree. Let's do it! Let's completely screw the whole thing up until nobody can sort it out - and let God sort it out, at long last."

It's so tempting, bls, I know. But I sense that all schisms from the first to the last stem from this kind of thinking. The only thing we would do differently is not act like the super-pure and exclusive church of Jesus Christ. Love can be lost in chaos. Do you think we can create chaos and still live in love and with feet in the way of peace? If so, yes, let us appeal to the One Reconciler of All Things with fullest abandon. But otherwise, we should proceed with caution.


Let's do something! Please! I was just told this morning that I must have a gay son...When I eplained I did not, but really, what did it matter, I was once again accused of poor parenting becuase I did not teach my kids of sexual orientation...Cakes - I will bake a million if I just knew where to send them!!!!


Yes, I do like Bishop Parsley, he represents my state. But, he has not taken the stand that needs to be taken now. For that I am critical. Where would he be when I wrestle with Stand Firm? Probably telling me to rest and drink some herbal tea....Nope, I want to dance with my daughter who got me out of bed to hear John Hiatt, playing in downtown B'ham - danced to A Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder and was in heaven


Ok, I am ready to discuss the dream I had Thursday - I haven't told anyone except my son...You now how dreams are - a little bit vague to discuss, but htere goes. I had a dream about a shop owner. His shop was at the far left side of s strip mall. I think I liked to frequent this hop - don't really know why...but all the land around his shop was blacktop. And, to the left of his shop was a fissure that ran perpendicular. It threatened to topple the foundations of all the shops if it grew....Somehow my dream fastforwarded. Someone had redeveloped the area. The fissure was now a beatiful river, with shops on either side. But, in order for me to get to this place, I had just one choice, I had to take a left turn.

No, no substance abuse before I went to sleep that night...But now I am left with a burning curiosity if it was a sign for me to act. I wish I could find my book of dreams written by an Episcopal priest. I think it was titled "Dreams: God's Forgotten Language."


Both of my curch heroes died last year. The Right Reverand Furman Stough, the retired 8th Bishop of Alabama, and the Reverand Doctor John Claypool, retired from my church 4 years ago.

Gosh, I miss them. I know they could make sense of this stuff. So, to honor them I am diligently praying for a new Presiding Bishop to get us through all this mess.

Funny story - Bishop Stough presided at my husband's funeral along with Catholic and Episcopal Priests. After all was said and done, a dear friend of mine, a died-in-the-wool Baptist who knew Bishop Stough and his daughters because she went to school with them in Decatur, Al, called and said she was worried about Bishop Stough, he was so old he needed to walk with a cane. A short pause, and then came my laughter.I needed it "It was not a cane, it was his Bishop's staff"! She asked if I would laugh at her forever. I said yeah, probably...


Why not go one further and choose a lesbian as a write-in candidate. Wot? No lesbian bishops? Allright, a gay one, then. V. Gene Robinson for Presiding Bishop? Now that would really f*** the system.


I like Duque-Gomez as well. To have a Presiding Bishop from outside the U.S. is forward looking. And as Br. Caelius puts it well, he represents the kind of listening processes I'd like to see happen throughout the Commuion. I don't think ++Akinola et al are ready yet to face their sexism on such a large scale. Their own women will help them there. Give them a little time and more of those international Anglican women's meetings. And when women meet, lgbt folk tend to women, afterall, they are our mothers.

D. C.

Looks like you (we) got (y)our wish.

Caelius Spinator

Now on to the Windsor Report!


Ha ha ha ha ha.....


Can you help me out with the lottery numbers, Salty?


Now let's get on with the mission of the Church, " ... to restore all people to unity with God and with each other in Christ." BCP, p.855 (q.v.)

Jane R.

YOWZA! You got your wish!

See ENS from a few mn ago.

Now -- just because she's a woman doesn't mean she's a feminist. We tend to forget that the first Episcopal women priests --I mean the Philadelphia Eleven-- were all veterans of the Civil Rights Movement AND all feminists. They were concerned about a change in the system, not just about clothing women in men's clothes (which were sometimes long dresses, er, let me not get into more gender-bending here) and in men's roles.

I'm deeply grateful for Frank Griswold's ministry with us -- a man steeped in prayer (and Ignatian discernment, no less) and a steady soul. Onward in compassion and courage, let us pray and hope. Read Louie Crew's interviews of all the potential PBs. They are revealing.

Oremus! And alleluia.

Jane (your sister Oberlinian)


On this Father's day, the Fathers have elected a Mother - I'm giddy!

David Loving

Well. how 'bout that? Now the convention should ratify every single pro WR resolution and ajourn. Somehow don't think anyone really saw this coming. T1:9 will be able to discuss something besides homosexuality now.

Willow Fodor

I read this yesterday and wondered if you weren't being a little cynical. But now it's true! Yah!!!


Praise God! The Holy Spirit is blowing through GC06! Amazing!


I'm writing to direct your attention to an ancient Epistle - 1 Timothy 2:12-15.

If you've lost your copy I can send you one, free of charge.

Your Baptist brother in Christ.

John Wilkins

Living dust, with all due respect, Baptists don't believe in Bishops anyway (check out the next chapter, my friend). Seems that they are mighty selective.



Your right. 1 Timothy 3 addresses the qualifications for overseers, deacons and deaconesses.

How do you square up the election of Schori with 1 Timothy 2:12-15?

Was Paul somehow unclear in his instruction or is it that the Episcopal denomination just refuses to recognize the validity of his epistles?

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