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Jun 16, 2006


in Virginia

"Anderson Blames Homosexuals for the decline of the Episcopal Church. 700 people a week have left because of liberalism, he says. Actually, the problem is women. They got jobs."

It's that and the fact that the church is controlled by aging baby boomers who haven't got a clue what young people want and frankly don't seem to care. Very few people under the age of 50 want or need to spend their time cooking meals, serving tea to the bishop, or learning to arrange flowers. And most people under the age of 50 are used to working and socializing with a far more diverse group of people than can be found in the average Episcopal Church. If the church is really serious about welcoming everyone, then it needs to stop talking about it so much and just start doing it. When the church starts actually reflecting the diversity it preaches about and starts valuing the young, the poor, the minorities instead of just paying lip service to them, then maybe the church will begin to see real growth. Shouting from the rooftops that you welcome everybody doesn't matter a whit if everything you actually offer wouldn't appeal to anyone but a select group. Like my favorite seminary professor has said. Sometimes what you do is so loud I can't hear what you say. I wish the Episcopal Church would stop preaching diversity and start living it. But enough of my rant.

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