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Jun 21, 2006


Jane R.

A postscript to all this...

Check Elizabeth Kaeton's blog for today. And Jim Naughton's. (He has a link to someone else's blog entry which is worth a read, also.)

If you need the links, I can find and post them here -- in a rush right now.

Peace and courage to all,

Jane R.


I have a question. Since you mention Ft. Worth (this little island of misery and sorrow), what happens to a church in the Ft. Worth Diocese that is and wants to be inclusive and supports the ordination of women, if the Diocese gets what they're asking for (alternative primatial oversight, or whatever it was called)?

I think that would make this church a small outpost of joy on the little island of misery and sorrow.

Tired of Hypocrish

I consider myself "orthodox" and I am ashamed--if it's true--of priests who behave as smugly as the ones Liz saw at the convention. Believe it or not, you have brothers and sisters who disagree with you strongly, but who don't wish to treat you with disdain. And, although the Ft. Worthites may have looked glum in Columbus, they're actually (mostly) truly joyful people. Hope you don't mind my intrusion here.


Dear Tired of Hypocrisy,

I apologize if you thought I was calling the diocese sorrowful or joyless, I was just quoting the article. I love Ft. Worth and I'm sure the people in the Diocese are beautiful Christians, I am not of the mind that all Christians must agree on issues in order to be "good" Christians. I just disagreed with those I met in the diocese enough that I did not feel I could best serve Christ in their midst so I now serve in another denomination. I have become aware of a church in the diocese that I think I would feel more in agreement with and was wondering what happens to them if the diocese gets the alternate oversight they've asked for?

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