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Jul 16, 2006


Tyler Simons

I am, in fact, a registered Republican [A Chafee and Weicker Republican].

I'm reminded of the time my girlfriend met my parents. My Dad let slip the fact that he's a republican. Her response?

"But you seem so cool!"

I'm actually a Lieberman and Obama Democrat, which is about the same thing.

William Witt

Well, will wonders never cease, John. I am in fact a registered Democrat, and consistently to the left on issues of economics, the environment, guns, war and peace, health care, welfare, you name it.

As you know, however, you would characterize my views on sexual ethics as troglodite.

John Wilkins

Hi William,

I'm harder on you because I think you are a worthy opponent. Your historical skills are admirable and much stronger than my own. My training was in analytic philosophy and group relations, which is where I think can offer more clarity.

I tend to think that the liberal church has other sins, for which the gay issue is merely the presenting one. It has collaborated with the culture, I think, in ways where it has stripped itself of moral authority. I don't know if I blame the church - I think that the church suddenly found itself undermined by other forces and was unable to resist.

I would, of course, admit that sometimes I lump you in with some of the less thoughtful. That's my sin, and I'm aware that I do miss the mark in my rhetoric. The blogging medium, however, seems to thrive when we say the worst and most scandalous things.

I'm probably more of an independent these days, given the direction of the party. I guess you could say I'm a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. I tend to vote for people who seem competent and able to govern than people who are partisan.

Tyler - you must be aware that Leiberman defeated Weicker in CT, you rascal.

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