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Jul 08, 2006



I would imagine that prayerbook issues and the ordination of women would also be an obstacle for the various splinter groups. Many of the groups leaving now are accustomed to Rite II and some of those dioceses have women priests. How will that align with the groups that left earlier precisely over the new prayer book and the ordination of women.

In the Baptist world where I grew up, my father could tell me why all the other denominations had missed the boat. But of course, his more fundamentalist relatives thought that the Southern Baptist churches were too liberal and had also missed the boat.

I keep thinking someone will codify a theology of heavenly accounting where angelic CPAs keep track of these fine points that divide Christians

John Henry

While residing in the Bible Belt in the late 1960s-early 1970s, the folks opposed to the "Green Book" or the "Zebra Book" weren't even using the 1928 BCP but the Anglican Missal, never authorized by any General Convention. Their opposition to Prayer Book revision seemed to me to be hypocritical back then.

Now the ilk of +Jack Iker and +Robert Duncan seem to follow in the footsteps of +Mason and his fellow conservatives blaming the +Pikes and and +Spongs for the demise of TEC, while affirming the canons of Nicea. Sadly, the Ikers and Duncans of this world have never read the canons of Nicea or else they wouldn't refer to them, inasmuch, as married bishops, they don't abstain from sexual relations with their spouses, which would have been anathema to the bishops of Nicea.

John Henry

In my above remark I was referring to Canon IV of the Council of Nicea:

"Canon IV. “We decree that bishops shall not live with women; nor shall a presbyter who is a widower; neither shall they escort them; nor be familiar with them, nor gaze upon them persistently. And the same decree is made with regard to every celibate priest, and the sameconcerning such deacons as have no wives.And this is to be the case whether the woman be beautiful or ugly, whether a young girl or beyond the age of puberty, whether great inbirth, or an orphan taken out of charity under pretext of bringing her up. For the devil with such arms slays religious, bishops, presbyters, and deacons, and incites them to the fires of desire. But if she be an old woman, and of advanced age, or a sister, or mother, or aunt, or grandmother, it is permitted to live with these because such persons are free from all suspicion of scandal."

Reverend Ref

. . .nor gaze upon them persistently.

Oops ... I'm out.

John Wilkins

Alas, I have three roomates - one married, the other with a boyfriend, and my brother. But I have not yet been "inflamed." Feminism has done its work on me.

bob c

This sentence strikes me as comparative. What troubles me is that we are so numb to the steady, managable decline (or at best stasis) that we can not fathom what a Kingdom position would even feel like. That is why the MDG focus is what excited me most about GC06.

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