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Jul 27, 2006



Thanks for the first Weinberg quote. I used it on my blog a href="">Child of Illusion.


Sorry for the tags not being closed above. I did close them in the comment but for some reason, the link didn't "take".


As Lewis Carroll, cleric and mathematician said 'words are the source of misunderstanding,' which almost begs for the response, 'Duh,' but I think he meant something more important. Or as Albert Einstein remarked that the most incomprehensible thing about the universe in that it is comprehensible. I think that the problem resides in the ambiguity of it all - scientists can't accept it and neither can many theologians.

Sun Warrior

Science teaches people they don't need God. That is such simplicity, why haven't you put a banner on the Capitol in Washington?

It is the crux of the modern dilemma, writ much larger than the fundamentalists' rantings. It is the state of modern humans. In acutal fact, we are doing fine surviving without reference to 'God.'

If someone pointed this out more often, what science, business, our mind culture has made possible in making us feel safe, secure and in control, we might begin to see ourselves a bit more clearly. Everyone knows it. But we take it for granted as 'normal.' Once you objectify something, it is much easier to deal with.

Sun Warrior


Hmm...can you tell me, is the entire text excerpted from something Krauss wrote? If so, what's the source?


hmm, I think Stand Firm must follow me wherever I go...Sin Warrior, please know that there are many theologians and many scientists who feel they are on the same path...I went to a Jesuit University, and was never, ever taught that science and faith need collide, nor was I ever taught that scientists do not need God - just the opposite, that scientists need to study God's universe - Rather, it seems to me that, since we are in God's image, we should attempt to use our minds in the way He intends us to use them.

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